Erich Chiavi CURRICULUM VITAE briefly

erich chiavi

Bergwanderer Chiavi in Monstein, Davos 


Erich Chiavi is born in Davos-Dorf in Switzerland.

He studied in the University of Zurich ergonomics and physiology.

Accredited in Max Plank Institute in Tubingen in Germany and specialized there in perception and colour physiology.

He has several memberships, for example a member of the Institute of "Angewandte Biologie in Rapperswill" in Switzerland and a speaker in World Economic Forum in Davos.

Own office since 1985 specialized in space- and colour physiology in different sectors, such as:
 - consulting in lighting, colours, forms, materials and ergonomics
 - creative coaching
 - running projects
 - giving lectures
 - colour and creative seminars

Chiavi has worked on his special field with hospitals, department stores, hotels, offices, industrial buildings, schools, fashion shops, congress halls, residences and private homes mainly in Europe but also in China, USA, South America and India. He has also given lectures in several universities all over the world.

He has co-operated with companies like Metro, IBM, UBS, Novartis, CibaVision, Nesstle, Sealed Air Cryovac and Getrac.

He has several patents and also brought new ideas, for example "Chiavi-Weiss", a new colour, which is reflecting 18 % more than any other colour so far.

Nature is inspiring, giving new energy and motivating him in his work. Also therefore all his hobbies are more or less related with nature: skiing, golfing, sailing and hiking in the mountains.

He lives in Davos-Dorf in Switzerland.




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