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The first drawings about the Hill City idea were made already in 2000.

Since then I have been developing and improving the idea. I have made tens of presentations, given interviews and had many interesting discussions with people from different faculties with the result of positive push onwards.

At the moment there are some regions that are interested in realizing the Hill City idea, and feasibility are in progress. Also two master thesis by EPFL Lausanne students are made.

1. Main idea and philosphy

Population growth in many countries (natural growth or immigration) brings many challenges; one of them is the lack of land. How to solve living and housing?

The Hill City offers a solution.

Main idea is to save land and space in places ehere space is limited. The Hill City allows living up 50.000 inhabitants with about 25-35 % less of land due to hill structure.

The main idea is also to bring all the living activities under the same "roof": housing, working, education, health care, entertainment like cinemas, concerts, theatre and sport, shopping, all services, railway and bus connection etc.

The third very imporatnt principle is to guarantee day light in every flat. Depending on the location of the Hill City also sun and weather shelters are built.

All in all, the main philophy is to offer for its citicens good living in every its solutins.

It revives the social life by emphasizing the importance of sense of community. It offers also a possibility for different generations in the family to move together and live on the same hill.

Housing is based on the co-operative form as well as the affairs in the Hill City.

2. Criterias for the location

The ideal location for the Hill City is in the middle of national infrastucture and network: meaning highways, railways, transportation stations, technological nets, groundwater and farming areas.

In planning and realizing faculties like geographical location work, meteorology, geology, agriculture and water resources expertise are needed.

Basically, in many respects, the Hill City is autonomous.

3. Structure and materials

The Hill City is built on an artificial hill which building material is concrete. Terraces are covered and planted between the houses/flats with bituminous material.

The houses are made pf prefabricated elements (honey-comb-system, paper resin material). Daylight is reflected to the interior parts of the city. The inside of the city is integrated with daylight by horizontal windows in the staircases.

Promenades built around the Hill City are accessible through several staircases. Cable cars provide access to the amusement park.

Faculties needed in planning and realizing: civil engineering, structural engineering and construction engineering.

4. Infrastructure and mobility

Infrastructure of the Hill City is planned according to the human and sustainable development principles. The city itself is ca-free and provides therefore very quiet and pleasant living area and surroundings.

All transport alternatives (railway, busses, trucks, car rental, elevators, cable cars), parking places, garages and storages still exist; they are just placed inside the Hill City.

Faculties needed in planning and realizing: lift engineering, train engineering, logisticians, IT-engineering.

5. Housing and living

There are homes of 50, 60, 80 and 120 square metres available. Flats and houses are planned to enable flexibility and individual solutions in order to fill the wishes of the residents.

Every flat, for example, has a double floor so that water and electrical pipes can be installed individually. The balconies are 6 metres deep for planters. For vegetables and gardening there are prefabricated elements made of resin and paper (honey-comb system). Air-isolated facades need less energy.

Facultie needed in planning and realizing: architecture, designers, signage expertise, electricians and light specialists.

6. Working, working stations and industrial areas

On the lower floors there are all kind of working stations, service stations, hobby halls, industrial processing, electronics, mechanics and assembly halls of the industry.

Offices and companies are placed on the north side of the city. Large production halls are located on several floors also on the north side (system design).

Faculties needed: architecture, electricians, logistic expertise, IT-engneering.

7. Education, schools and university

The whole education sector including nurseries, elementary schools, high schools, university, evening schools, club schools, further education possibilities, sport schools, dancing schools, swimming pools, indoor sport centres and information centres are situated inside of the Hill City.

Faculties needed in planning and realizing: architecture, information about the needs of learning environments, educators, IT-engineering

8. Energy policy

The main source of energy depends on the location of the Hill City.

Some examples: - Hydrox energy can be produced right in every house,

- several buildings can be heated with the energy provides by intrinsic heat of the city,

- new energy can be produced also by choosing a special ground/floor material and by walking on it human produces new energy with his own weight generated pressure

- wind turbines in tubes

- newest LED-system uses less energy

- curtains and/or wall papers illuminate rooms

Faculties needed: energy expertise, up to date information about new innovations, IT engineering

9. Sustainability

The basic structure of the Hill City offers many benefits in saving energy, in emphasizing sustainability and ecological living.

Some examples: - car-free city and short distances between homes and working stations or schools

- packaging material is needed less because of very central production and purchasing

- the water is delivered centrally for  various locations

- all the water-sewer system is located in shafts which can be easily monitored and controlled

- well isolated houses

- the waste can be processed in the basement

- rented cars reduce the need of parking places

- all mobility systems are equipped with energy-saving system

- valuable and important information will be transmitted to the citizens from the Hill City Information Centre

Faculties needed: recycling expertise, renewable energy expertise, logistic expertise, IT-engineering

10. Economical facts

All the ecological solutions (see above) influence direct very positive in all living costs and in public costs. Homes due to the new materials can be built with lower costs and quicker than existing building constructions.

Short distances, partly walking distances, reduce the need of transport services. All is within easy reach. The Hill City doesn't need any complicated service system for infrastructure like street cleaning etc. Short distances also for supply, service and repair reduce costs.

11. Social facts and well being

The key to build a social net is in rapid information which motivates and encourages the residents to participate and come together with others. The leisure activities are open for all. All these things reduce isolation and mental illnesses.

Parents can during the working day have their lunches together with family, grand parents or retired people take care of children, meeting centres offer get together for lonely people, equipment (sport, music, bicycle etc.) rentals offer discounts and so on.

People are trained and encouraged to voluntary work.

Faculties needed: sociologists, educators

12. Amusement park and open air

The amusement and sport park is located at the base of the Hill City which can be reached by a cable car or a lift.

There are fresh water lakes or rivers for canoeing, tennis and badminton courts, golf place, entertainment halls, BBQ pavilion, allotment gardens and athletic facilities.

On the terraces there are plants all around the town as well as paths for walking, skating and biking, and benches to have a rest. Stairs lead from one terrace to another. On the highest part of the Hill City there are places for picnic and the observation tower invites there all the visitors.




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